Welcome to the home of the CoCo/OS-9 Archive Project!

The purpose of this project is to provide an archive of material relating to the CoCo or OS-9. Back in 2004 it became apparent that CoCo and OS-9 information was disappearing rapidly, so a project was started to preserve as much information as is possible.

Currently, the archive is working on documentation since other groups are actively working to preserve the actual programs. But what good is the program if you don't know how to run it? Recently the CoCo/OS-9 community has seen a resurgence and people are pulling their old friends out of storage. With the advent of the CoCo emulators for modern main stream computers, you can still use your CoCo even if you no longer have one!

Over the years, people lost manuals, magazines, etc. , so the archive is becoming a valuable resource for those wanting to get back into CoCoing or just for nostalgia. So, please help support the project! No I don't want your money, I want your documentation! Please take a look at the **MISSING** sections in our archive listings and if you have it, please contact the archivist so it can be added to the archive. And if you have something that is isn't even mentioned, please let us know so we can start actively looking for it. We can't archive it if we don't know it exists!

What is new ....

Due to some problems with the server, this site may be temporarily unavailable at times. Don't Worry! We're not going anywhere. If you have any problem accessing a file(s) please let me know since there may be some disruption when this site is moved to a newer server. Thanks for understanding!


At the moment this site is just starting and I'm sure there will be problems, so if you find any please let us know. Also if you have any comments, feature requests, dislikes, etc. don't be shy! Let us know!

Archive CareTakers

Dean Leiber & Boisy Pitre.
A Special Thanks to Alan Sheltra of OS-9 Underground Fame for hosting this website!

CoCo Support

Don't forget to pop over to Coco3.com, the main clearinghouse for all things CoCo! Join the Glenside Color Computer Club, the last remaining CoCo UG, and try and attend their yearly 'Last Annual CoCofest' before it does become the last one!